Monday, March 03, 2008

Toothache update

What a couple of days I’ve had with my tooth ! ! !

I knew abscesses could be painful but I never expected anything like what I’ve just had.
Thursday night sleep was about three hours.

Friday nights Chinese consisted of rice, four bits of lemon chicken and three prawns, all cut up into tiny bits. Again only about two hours sleep that night.

On Saturday we had to be up at 5.30am to be in Leicester for a conference team meeting. The original plan was to stay the night at the hotel, however having paced the floor that night because of the pain, I thought it best if we just came home.

The painkillers I were taking took half an hour to work, then only lasted 90 minutes. That’s fine if you can take some more straight away but when you’re only allowed four lots in a 24 hour period, it’s not so good…

By now my mouth and gums had swollen quite nicely so I resembled Quasimodo’s sister.
Saturday night was the worst. Having worked out when I could next take some painkillers, I took some at 12.30am. Half an hour later and I was still in agony. An hour later, still nothing. At 2.30am I was crying on the shoulder of John as the pain was unbearable. I now know why people accidentally overdose on painkillers as I would have willingly swallowed the whole packet if it mean getting some pain relief.

I decamped downstairs as I didn't want to disturb John by tossing and turning the rest of the night.

Sunday was pretty much the same as Saturday in that I was counting down the minutes to when I could take some painkillers. I went to bed expecting it to be another bad night but other than having to take some tablets at 2am, I slept right through until 6.30am.

I was to have phoned the dentist this morning to see if I could get an emergency appointment to see Kim, but as the swelling in my face had gone down and the pain was now a dull throbbing, which was manageable without painkillers, I didn't bother. I did have to take some painkillers this afternoon as it flared up again but so far that's been it.

Here's hoping the worst is over....


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Anonymous said...

Sorry you've had such a rotten few days, glad it seems to be improving