Wednesday, July 02, 2008

For the chop

Our local post office:

Is the busiest one in the area
Is the only place in the area where you can claim lottery winnings up to £5000
Is the only one where you can park your car outside

So the government have decided it has to close. Why, because there are five post offices in the area and ours is in the middle. It’s as simple as that.

I use that post office quite a bit for banking and for hospital radio business so the closure will affect me.

CAPOC (Communities Against Post Office Closures) action group suggest everyone campaigns to force the government to re-think the closures. I know our local post office are planning one.

The question is will it do any good. The government (or rather Brussels as that’s where it’s come from) have made up it’s mind and there’s no way it’s going to put up it’s hands and say ‘sorry folks we got it wrong’.


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