Tuesday, September 02, 2008

New kitchen – day 11

Day 11. 9.30am. Housemate Marie sets to work grouting the tiles while Housemate John finishes off the tiling that was left from yesterday.

12pm. Housemate John finishes off the Belfast sink unit.

3.30pm. The Housemates finish grouting the tiles.

4.30pm. The Housemates get started on cutting the workbenches. Housemate John tries out his new toy – an industrial strength router. It makes a lot of noise and sawdust.

6pm. The Housemates call it a night as they need to go to Morrisons for more food supplies. Then it’s off to find a cheep vacuum cleaner to hoover up the sawdust (Housemate Marie said she was not allowing Housemate John to use the house vacuum cleaner) and then out for dinner.

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