Saturday, January 03, 2009

There’s always one

This morning we took down the Christmas decorations.

Nearly every year we usually find a decoration or two that has been hiding in the kitchen dresser or on a bookshelf several weeks after they have been put away in the loft.

This year we double-checked all the usual hiding places and as we found no stray items, John put the decorations in the loft.

After lunch we did some house work and guess what I found – a jar of baubles that had been in the bathroom.

Before you say anything, I know it seems strange to have Christmas decorations in the bathroom. However we had some spare baubles and a nice looking jar and thought it was a shame not to put them to good use. We then realised there was nowhere downstairs for them so decided to put them in the bathroom.



Jennysmith said...

Yes, I have found at least 2 baubles hanging about after the lot have been put away. Tho' i can't say i've spotted one in the bathroom yet.

can you re-cycle xmas cards somewhere?

hope you're well xxxx

Marie and John said...

Most supermarkets seem to have a Christmas card recycle box in store. The Post Office and WHSmiths used to take the cards as well.

Your local council may take them. Ours do but they won't take any that has got glitter or foil on them.


Jennysmith said...

Marie sweetie, please look on my page , i have something nice for you xxxx