Tuesday, October 06, 2009

One step forward – Two steps back

First the good news.

Marie has been passed as safe to go home by the physiotherapists. In the time available they can’t really do much more. It’s going to be a case of exercise and practice at home. She did however manage to walk a few steps with elbow crutches instead of a Zimmer frame yesterday.

Also, the visit to the Occupational Therapist went well. They are satisfied Marie is not a danger to herself, and they can assist with some equipment to make life a little easier.

On the down side Marie’s wound is still leaking. Just a little, and from one place only. No doubt caused by the anti-clotting drugs.

The consultant is taking a look today and if he’s not convinced it will stop then he’s going to “go in and take a look” which could put homecoming back by a week.


Unknown said...

Hi Guys

I had no idea Marie was in hospital. Glad to hear she is making a good recovery. I hope she is listening to Hospital Radio lol.

Get well soon

Steve Hickman
Radio Hillingdon

P.s I am glad to hear the OT's think she is not a danger to herself. But is she a danger to you John with those crutches? "Come here John" wack lol.

John said...

Steve - beware - Marie will be bringing those crutches to the nexr conference !!!