Sunday, May 06, 2012

So much to choose from

In six weeks and four days time (I’m not counting……) we’re off on a cruise again. Yippee !!!!

Normally when it comes to packing I would simply load the case up with the summer tops I’d made previously. Thanks to Boots, not this time however (see June 20th 2011 ‘Bootiful’ blog).

I’ve already bought the fabric to replace the damaged tops but have decided for this year only not to make any.

As I’ve got a stomach that the Michelin Man would be proud of, I’m going to have to re-design the pattern I use for the tops to allow for this. Because my aim is to reduce my spare tyre I thought I’d just buy some tops for this year and keep the fabric for when I’ve (hopefully) got a flatter tum.

We went to the Metro Centre yesterday to do some holiday shopping and all I thought I had to do was go into M&S and BHS and I’d come away with all the tops I needed.

Shake of head.

I came away with one. Ok, I did buy another two but they were t-shirts so that didn’t count….

Tomorrow we’re off to Matalan to see if I can find anything there, however I’m not hopefully.

The problem is I find shopping for clothes terrifying. I’ve no idea what clothes suites me as I permanently live in joggers and baggy t-shirts. There’s so much to choose from that after a while they all start to look the same.

I suspect that I may be having to get my sewing machine out after all !!!!


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