Monday, December 17, 2012

What have I let myself in for

I love books but I'm a really slow reader. I always have been. I've tried reading quickly but I just end up skipping bits so have to re-read the page again making me even slower !!!

So I was both delighted and terrified when one of the magazines I subscribe to invited me to take part in a book review. I know I could have said no but only a small number of people get invited so thought it was a privilege to be asked.

There were five books from different genres to choose from. The book I chose did have to have the most pages in it ...

Once the book arrives I've got four weeks to read it before being asked for my thoughts. Four weeks !!!! Four months would be pushing it. As the books has over 400 pages John's worked out that if I spend five days a week reading it I would need to read twenty pages a day.

Guess that I'll be doing morning, noon and night during those four weeks.....


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