Friday, June 12, 2015

The wander returns

I am SO sorry for not blogging these past – coughs – months.

Regular readers – if we have any left !! – will be sick of us sounding like a broken record (for those too young to know what a ‘record’ was, it was something we geriatrics – well not strictly me as I used to listen to cassettes instead – used to listen to music. It was large, round, had groves and made of plastic) by keeping saying ‘we’re going to blog more often’ etc, etc.

In our defence, we’ve never really led exciting lives, and it would seem that since John took early retirement from work, we’re like little hermits.

Back in January (or two postings ago.....) I blogged my wish/want list (I don’t do new year resolutions) and as we’re nearly half way through the year I thought I’d give an update on how things have progressed.

  • Win the Euro lottery. £10m would be nice but anything over £50m would be preferable.... Still waiting.
  • Make a start on reading through the massive collection of books I’ve accumulated both in hard copy and on my kindle. My kindle library is a couple of books lighter
  • Loose some more weight. 10lb lost since July but probably put that back on over Christmas!!! Whilst I don’t know the exact figure in lbs & oz’s, I’ve lost a good couple of inches from my waist and gone down nearly two jeans sizes.
  • Get back to playing the piano and the clarinet. Sadly not yet.
  • Spend less time on my computer. I can easily loose an hour just flitting through blogs and pinterest. That mission accomplished.
  • Get back to my writing. Novel two and the second draft of novel one needs finishing. Whilst I haven’t done any actual writing I’ve been familiarising myself with the plot and characters again in readiness to start writing again.
  • Finish off the two cross stitch patterns as there’s another nine still to do.  Still not finished but I have been doing some work on them. In my defence they are both large projects and one of them is on black fabric so I can only sew it in good day light....
  • Stop neglecting my blogs. I think you can guess this one !!!!
  • Finish off my knitted cable jumper before I start on yet more knitting projects. Although I haven’t finished it, I have nearly completed the back.
  • Finish reading the gigantic stack of magazines that’s been piling up for months. Only two magazines to go !!!!!
  • Spend less time in my sewing room – other rooms in the house are available... Done.
  • Finish off building the four foot model of the Queen Mary II cruise ship. Sadly the ship is still in dry dock...

Four out of 12 isn’t too bad. Plus one of those, the Euro lottery, is really out of my hands.

I have as well been quite busy this year with something else which I will tell you later. Watch this space....


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