Saturday, May 27, 2006


The tickets for our holiday arrived today. Now that may not sound much, but when you book with Silversea they come in a nice box covered in silver foil, and the tickets themselves are in a leather wallet, together with much more information about the cruise itinery. So far so good.

But then we checked the flights on the BA website to make sure the company had booked the right ones. Only Marie's bath was running ....

No, we didn't get a wet floor, but we had a very full bath. Full of VERY hot water. So all Marie had to do was let some out so she could put some cold in. Except how do you put the plug back in if the water is scalding hot.

Then I had this idea. Many years ago Marie was immobile after an operation. The hospital gave her one of those "grasper" tools with a handle on one end and a pair of grips on the other. Just the thing to plunge into the water, remove the plug, and replace it after letting out the right amount of water.

OK, so it's not exciting, but it's not as bad as yesterdays joke.


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Anonymous said...

True! Here's another joke for you : what do a slinky and a chav have in common? They're both useless, but fun to watch fall downstairs!