Wednesday, August 16, 2006


It’s my uncle Frank’s 80th birthday next Tuesday and my mam ‘volunteered’ me to make the cake for his party.

“Nothing fancy”, she said, “a large fruit cake and they wanted it decorated as well”.

My decorating skills are appalling. I have trouble rolling out marzipan so John always gets that task. Making royal icing is very much a ‘hit or miss’ affair. Sometimes it’s filling removal hard or so soft it spreads like butter.

I did suggest they might like a plain cake but no, it had to be decorated. I did get my own way with the icing. Instead of badly done royal icing snow peaks they have settled for sugar paste.

The marzipaning, although having been patched in several places, went ok. Sadly the same can’t be said for the sugar paste.

I’ve never used the stuff before so had no idea what size cake the packet will cover. I assumed, like marzipan, it would cover an eight inch cake.

Er no… At 7.30pm this evening we were hot footing it to Morrisons before they closed at 8pm to buy another packet as the cake has to be delivered tomorrow morning.

So after re-rolling it, I managed, well sort of anyway, to get the cake covered. As long as you look at it from above it looks ok….

Cake decorating is one hobby I will not be taking up ! ! !


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