Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Where has the time gone

Just realised that it’s nearly a week since last blogged. So what’s to report.

Got my Uncle Frank’s cake safely delivered to my mam’s. It’s his birthday party today so hopefully everyone liked my icing efforts….

Did yet more painting – surprise, surprise. I’ve looked at the calendar and I’ve spent all of August painting. Thankfully the gloss painting is nearly finished. Yipee ! ! ! Then it’s the turn of the walls. Boo ! ! !

Had a great time at Jenny’s party at the weekend. Good food, good company – what more can you want…

Checked my nectar points and we have enough for two five pounds off meal vouchers at any Brewers Fare pub. These will come in very handy at the Red Lion in Stratford.

Only six days and counting ! ! !


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Anonymous said...

Gloss is Evil. Walls are Fun! Glad you enjoyed the weekend, so did we!