Monday, March 09, 2009

Busy bees

With less than three weeks to go before Blackpool conference, things are starting to get a bit busy in the BOGOF household.

Our dining room currently has eight large boxes of edibles for the conference packs standing on the floor and in another corner are boxes of note pads and folders. As the conference gets closer and closers, the dining room gets fuller and fuller.

We’re starting to get various queries from delegates which at times can be quite amusing. I’d love to write a ‘Conference Babylon’ but as I value my life, I’ll have to wait until we no longer organise them…

My gala dinner dress is slowly taking shape. Sadly it failed the first inspection from my mam so I’m having to re-do it ready for inspection number two on Friday.

Here's hoping she'll be happy with 'number two' or I'll have nothing to wear ! ! !



Clive said...

Hope version no.2 is coming along well! Good luck with the sewing - wish someone in this house could sew - everything has to go out to Grandma's to be repaired!!

Jennysmith said...

Oh Marie I really want to see that dress. Oh my Mum has to approve of everything I tell you.

How do you get to sit down at night with all those boxes and everything. Where do you rest your knee?


Marie and John said...

Blogdog - thanks for stopping by. The sewing is coming along nicely. Well I think so. Not sure what my mam will say though... xx

Jennysmith - Once it's passed the Mother inspection I'll get John to take a photo of Gertie modeling it. I keep meaning to take photos of all the other dresses I've made and put them on the blog. One fine day ! ! !

Thankfully our dining room is on the large side so it's not too cramped - yet... Give it another week and it will be ! ! !

I've got two cushions which I rest my knee plus there's the large bean bag and when the pain's really bad I hook it over the edge of the sofa. For some reason that eases it.

Anonymous said...

I want to see the dress too. Forgive me here. But what is the conference actually about? I joined your blog only a short while ago and the only 'back blogging' I've done is to read about your lovely, funny mum:)

Marie and John said...

Hello Henry the dog's mum,

We organise the conferences for the Hospital Broadcasting Association.

The one coming up in Blackpool is the Spring conference which also includes the National Hospital Radio Awards ceremony.

John's the organsier and I look after the delegate bookings, which sort of makes me the 'HBA tour rep'... Any problems or queries and they come to me, which is why I said I'd love to write a 'conference Babylon'...


The Ice Bloggers said...

Brilliant - hope you'll post lots of interesting photos and some of you looking glamorous:) xxx