Thursday, March 05, 2009

Someone to watch over me

Yesterday and this morning my pains were really bad. I’d ran out of some of my painkillers and couldn’t pick up my prescription for some more until today.

This morning I had to go to two banks, pick up my prescription and then go to the chemist. Parking at all of this places is usually horrendous and given my pains I really couldn’t do with walking very far.

My Guardian Angel must have been looking out for me as I got parked no problem at all of the places, plus both of the banks were empty so I didn’t have to stand (which is something that really hurts) and there was only one person in front of me at both the doctors and the chemist.

If that wasn’t enough, my electric garage door worked first time *

Thank you Guardian Angel.


* the remote is temperamental at the moment so most of the time it won’t open the door, which means I have to park at the front, then wait for John to come home to open the door. Most annoying…


Jennysmith said...

My sweet. Really feel for you. Took walking for granted until recently when broke my toe. Now i appreciate how hard it is to get around.

Yes, parking is traumatic, you really do need "outside forces" to help you. I stop parking up the school anymore. Get the bus now. So i suppose its serving some purpose but there's people who literally dont have a choice.

Thinking of you and hope pain eases. xxxxx

The Ice Bloggers said...

Oh you poor, poor thing. It must be dreadful being so incapacitated, and frustrating. And driving in the UK is no fun, I know. Not looking forward to it.