Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Still no further forward

Yesterday I was back at the hospital for my six week follow up after my local in April.

I should have been there on 27th May but thanks to a NHS admin cock-up, someone somewhere forgot to update my medical records so they had no record of me having my op. Wonderful ! ! !

I still never got to see The Man Himself. I did at least see a consultant who actually has his own patients and not some sidekick registrar. I did hear a rumor a few months ago that The Man Himself had left. Maybe it’s true and the NHS aren’t letting on to his patients. Knowing the NHS I wouldn’t put it past them.

Anyway the little consultant man (he was little by the way…) asked if the local had worked. I told him no it hadn’t.

“You mean you didn’t get any pain relief”, he asked.
“No”, I replied, “not a bit”.
“Not even a little bit. A tiny bit maybe”, he pleaded.
“Sorry, but it was just the same as before”.

I got the impression that they had been building up their hopes that the local would work. Sadly I rained on their parade…

Seeing as the local didn’t make any difference, they’ve now decided that I need to have a MRI scan done on my knee. Then it’s looking like they’re going to have to do some keyhole surgery on my knee before they’ll commit to replacing my hip and knee.

I just wish they’d make up their minds what they want to do…



Jennysmith said...

Poor Marie, its never ending with that knee! That bloke sounds a lot better than your previous one tho'.

As if you haven't had enough aggro and pain - thinking of you xxxx

Anonymous said...

Ooh, we're MRI twins!! I can recommend some good drugs...


Marie said...

Jennysmith - you're right, the knee does seem like it's never ending... I'm sick of doctors and hospitals !!! Still the new little man appears to be better than the Man Himself xx

Jenny - have you had a CAT scan. If so we can be the CAT twins as well...

I might take you up on the offer of some new drugs. Mine aren't working :-(