Wednesday, June 03, 2009


When we were at Chris and Jenny’s for New Year, Jan and Andy had brought with them their Wii. After playing tennis and bowling, we were both hooked !!!

Two weeks later, after Argos had finally got the Wii’s back in stock, we bought one.

When we went to the Metro Centre to collect our glasses (as requested by Jan, a photo of me wearing them will appear shortly), we called into one of the computer game shops, just to see what games they had for the Wii. Two of them caught our eye, Sport Island and Job Island, but as they were £18 each, decided not to buy them.

As we were still interested in the games, I did a search on the interest to see if I could find them cheaper than £18, but couldn’t find anything.

Just out of interest I tried Ebay and sure enough both were there. We’ve never used Ebay before so it was all a bit alien to us. Having completed all the various registrations, we set a price which we were prepared to pay for it and placed our bid.

Having been outbid and beaten a couple of times, we eventually won Sport Island for 1p under what we were prepared to pay for it.

I think we might be using Ebay more often…



Jennysmith said...

How have I been missing your posts?

£18? You should see the price of my kids' Wii games. Yes, I love Ebay, have bought And sold on it. Great to see another convert.

Hope you enjoy the Wii - i would personally like to throw ours out of the window. Thats why we're moving - we've got to get a bigger house 'cos i can't bear that thing in the living room

hope knee's better xxxx

Anonymous said...

Be warned, ebay is addictive!!