Friday, August 26, 2011

Keeping busy – part 1

As I’m stuck at home pretty much all of the time, stopping myself from being bored can be a little difficult. There are always things on the go.

Currently there’s:

  • Two large cross stitch patterns of a tigers eye and a tiger cub
  • A crochet blanket
  • A knitted cable blanket
  • Two needlepoint cushions
  • Three small needlepoint scissors bags (which I picked up at the needlework class on our cruise)
  • One shirt to finish off sewing, another one to to make
  • Writing my second novel
  • Several books to finish off reading
  • Learning to play the piano and the clarinet
I’ve also been trying my hand at making bags and making models (photos of which will appear in ‘Keeping busy – part 2’).

This was my first attempt at bag making. It’s mainly scraps of material from John’s old work shirts.

I made this make-up bag from an old camisole top.

This one was my first attempt a making a patchwork bag. Again it’s made up of scraps of material. It has two flaps so you can wear it different ways.

After making three bags, and with help from my mam who’s very much into patchwork/quilting, I felt confident enough to make a proper one, using bought fabric.

It was a birthday present for Jenny (I hope she liked it !!!!!). Just for a bit of fun I quilted paw prints going up and down the bag and attached a keyring coin purse to one of the straps.

As I’ve got a huge box full of scrap bits of fabric it’s my plan to make as many bags as I can, just by using up the scraps. Thankfully a woman can never have too many bags…..


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