Sunday, September 11, 2011

Holidays – week one

John’s on holiday from work for two weeks, and for once, it’s not been spent doing major DIY projects.

Saturday and Sunday were quiet days not doing very much.

Monday saw John trying to fix a persistence leak in the bathroom. So far, no water….

Tuesday I had an appointment to see the Hand (Wo)Man at the hospital. She has advised me to have surgery on my hand as it’ll only get worse. Full details will appear in the Joint Journal, when I eventually get round to typing it up…..

We then went to the Wessington Pub for lunch – two x three sausages, two fried eggs, chips and peas, followed by apple pie (no custard for me).

After that it was some retail therapy – five huge balls of wool, five pieces of fabric, two cardigans, one top, two irons and some headphones.

Wednesday we went to Alnwick to visit one of the biggest second-hand bookshops in the UK. John had been wanting to visit it for ages but we never had the time – until now. What a place it was !!!!

No sooner had John left me at ‘Cookery’ I had my eye on a 1954 four volume set on catering and a 1953 edition on ‘Good Housekeeping Complete Cookery’. John found a 1938 army manual on driving and maintaining motor vehicles – it smells like the inside of a classic car…..

After spending a fortune on those we then headed to the Metro Centre to do yet more retail therapy.

Thursday was meant to be a DIY day in the loft for John, however Wicks forgot to order his bits and pieces…. The Customer from Hell also made an appearance. Yet another problem with my prescription from Lloyds the chemist. Again full details will appear in the Joint Journal.

Friday was my birthday. The Birthday Bunny was extremely generous so I got loads of presents from him – mainly books and a two CD set of Showadywaddy, which I’m playing constantly (sorry John….).

I’m afraid there isn’t much left of my birthday cake.

Blowing my own trumpet time here as I made it – it’s yummy !!!!!

Saturday and today are more quite days.

So here’s to week two….


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Jennysmith said...

Happy Birthday to you, My SWeet. Lovely cake!

Oooh, I wanted to be with you in that second hand bookshop! Post some of those recipes if you can

Sorry, I couldn't publish on here for some time! Seem to be on a new format now x