Monday, September 19, 2011

Holidays – week two

Week two started pretty much like the previous week so Saturday and Sunday were relatively quite days.

Monday and Tuesday John tackled the loft. It needed more insulation on the walls and ceiling so several polystyrene sheets were bought from Wicks (that was the order they messed up last week).

It was also a good time to go through all the stuff that had accumulated in the loft. There must have been more boxes than Pickford’s up there!!!!!!!!

Wednesday we had a day out in Weardale. We had a lovely car picnic lunch overlooking the hills near Stanhope. Then on the way home we stopped off at the Wessington pub for dinner.

Thursday we decided we’d try a new ice-cream parlour that had recently opened in Sea Road. The recent promotional flyer that had come through our door looked really enticing: a huge selection of food and ice-cream, good Wizzy access and a warm, friendly welcome - I think you can see where this is going…….

The thin tatty table menu didn’t live up to the ‘huge selection of food and ice-cream’; the no step at the entrance doesn’t count as ‘good Wizzy access’ when you have to encounter a slalom to get into the building and the ‘warm friendly welcome’ didn’t exist – we were the only customers, yet were completely ignored by the three members of staff. We walked out…..

Instead we went to ‘Subway’ for our lunch, where the staff couldn’t have more friendly and helpful. Given that Sea Road is now awash with eating establishments, I don’t think the parlour will be around for very long.

Friday we went to the Chinese again for lunch and as usual the service and food were superb.

Saturday we got Big Bertha down from the loft (she’s a huge carpet cleaner) and gave the carpets a good clean. The water that came out into the reservoir was filthy !!!!!!

We spent Sunday just chilling out and not doing a great deal – not a bad way to spend the holidays.



Jennysmith said...

Could I borrow this Big Bertha? My carpets are grim!

Sounded nice that you had some quality time together

Marie and John said...

Jenny - you can borrow Big Bertha anytime.