Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Mod Walker

When we left the hospital after the surgery on my wrist I was given a walker to use as I wouldn’t be able to use Stickies (my elbow crutches) for a while. 

The walker is similar to the one I used for a couple of days when I first had my hip out. It’s a zimmer frame shape but has wheels at the front and arm rests and handles.
The arm rests and handles resembles the bicycle frame that cyclist use when they doing their time trials, so we have named the walker ‘Bradley’ after Tour De France and Olympic champion Bradley Wiggins.
Bradley came with us when we went to Stratford for a few days last week. Thankfully Premier rooms are large so there was plenty of space for both Wizzy and Bradley.
There was a new sewing shop in Stratford which I made a beeline for. I was certainly not disappointed. My credit card is recovering from a severe work out !!!!!


Jennysmith said...

Stratford? Which Stratford? Yes, I would have loved that shop.

My mum was given a zimmerframe when she came out of hospital in January. Couldn't get on with it at all.
Stuck in her hallway now, my kids play with it! Hope you had better luck with yours xxxx

Marie and John said...

Hi Jenny,

Sorry I should have said it was Stratford upon Avon.

The shop (Sew Something Simple) isn't very big but you would have loved it. It took a lot of restraint not to go back the next day for yet another credit card workout !!!!

Sadly I had no choice. It was Bradley or be bedridden for two weeks.