Friday, November 09, 2012

Twitchers in Fulwell !!

My journey to work is six and a half miles and begins by taking me across our local "high street" and out towards the edge of the City. I hadn't gone but half a mile today when I noticed a crowd of people on the pavement and in the road. At first I though that there had been an accident, except that some of the people have been very well prepared.

There were people with binoculars, people with cameras, and people with cameras with some VERY long lenses mounted on tripods. And all of them were looking at a bungalow. Actually they were looking into the garden. If I was being pedantic, I would say they were looking at a tree in the garden etc.

And in the tree was a bee-eater, which according to the news reports is a bird not normally seen in these parts. Ever.

People had come from as far afield as Birmingham just to get a look. Pity the poor folk in the bungalow.

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