Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Fifteen Course Dinner !!

So we're back to Greece today. We're in Mytilene on the island of Lesbos. Today’s veranda view shows the harbour entrance, with the morning ferry just arriving.

More about Mytilene in a moment, first we have to tell you about last night. We ate in a different restaurant. It was a smaller, more intimate place, and they served fifteen courses. Perhaps I should explain. There were really only five courses, but each contained three sub-courses, a bite or two big. It was an excellent meal, with great service, but the “entertainment” left a lot to be desired, Particularly the sound quality. After dinner we headed down to the show lounge (aka theatre) where we saw the “Crew Show”. Really, the crew put on a show one night per cruise, And some of them were really good.

Now back to today. It was hot, up in the high eighties, but we decided to be brave and venture out. The ship was at anchor, so we took the tender ashore,

The town was rather manic with lots of traffic, and hundreds of mopeds and scooters. Also, they have high kerbs and they don't do ramps or dropped kerbs so we stayed on the waterfront.

Tonight is a formal night, the farewell reception. It's held a day before the final night,because it's formal dress, and by tomorrow night everyone will have packed. After the reception will be dinner, then back to the show lounge for the Abba night. Really.

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