Tuesday, July 11, 2006

I see no ships

We’re back on dry land but Marie is suffering from seasickness !!!

At least that’s what the doctor said. Thinking it was an ear infection Marie went to see the doctor and was told that there’s no infection but she’s got a sort of “dry land” seasickness. No problems at all on the ship but now she’s swaying whenever she stands up, and suffers nausea then she tries to read, type, look at a computer screen etc.

Personally I think she’s sea sick in the same sense as home sick. Missing the sea and wants to go back.

Sorry no gallery yet. It’s coming, but as I’ve said before, I hate HTML …


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Anonymous said...

Welcome home! Sorry to hear Marie is suffering though, know what a horrible feeling that is. Still, as good an excuse as any to get back on that boat... ;-)