Sunday, July 30, 2006

Revenge is so sweet

Yesterday on our way back from the paper shop we met up with our neighbours Sandra and Alan. They too live next door to the noisy neighbours.

Sandra commented on how quiet ‘Bob the Builder’ had been this week. It turns out that Alan had had a quiet word with him - ‘if you don’t stop this bloody noise, I’ll wrap your power tools around your bloody neck’. You do not want to get on the wrong side of Sandra and Alan ! ! !

Sandra also happened to mention that our new neighbours were having a BBQ this weekend. As it rained last night (shame it wasn’t during the day so the air show could have been cancelled…) it was postponed until today.

This weekend John was installing the new doors in the kitchen while I was busy putting white undercoat on the red bits in our hall. Yes, we’re finally getting rid of our red, gold and yellow hallway.

One of the new doors needed to be made smaller so John popped into the garage to saw a bit off. Seeing as the new neighbours were busy with their BBQ, he decided to make as much noise as possible with his power tools.

Nothing like a taste of their own medicine….


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