Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Blistering heck

Late Friday night we noticed that one of our new kitchen doors looked a little odd . On closer inspection it turned out that it had started to blister at the bottom.

On Saturday we checked the rest of them and found that eight out of the ten doors and all five drawers were also starting to blister at the bottom.

I rang B&Q and was told to bring in a couple for them to have a look at.

So Sunday afternoon John removed two doors and a drawer and we headed to B&Q.

I decided to let John be the customer from hell for a change.

Having explained the problem the customer service person couldn’t help so called for a supervisor.

“Have they been in a room where there’s moisture ”.
“They’re kitchen doors ! ! !”.
“Oh I see. Could it have been caused by the steam from a kettle”.

I was itching to give a good customer from Hell reply but it was John turn so I had to remain quiet.

“It can’t be the steam as the door next to the kettle hasn’t blistered. Also how can you explain the drawers blistering”.

The supervisor thought for a while, “You’ll have to bring them all in before we can replace them”.

Red rag to a bull. Customer from Hell appears.

“What happens if we remove all the doors and drawers only to find that you don’t have any replacements in stock. I’m sorry but I’m not doing without any doors or drawers”.

“Why don’t you go and check to see if we have any. I’ll do a swap with the three you’ve brought in, then you can buy the remainder and bring the rest in at your leisure for a refund”.

John’s turn to be customer from Hell.

“No way… Why should we have to go and look for them. It’s your problem, you look for them”.

Thankfully they did have them in stock so they have put them to one side for us.

Guess what we’ll be doing on Saturday…

What joy ! ! !


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