Thursday, January 18, 2007

The bells, the bells

This morning and part of the afternoon we had a lovely time – visiting A&E at the dental hospital. For once it wasn’t for me ! ! !

John felt a bit under the weather last night and this morning he woke to find he’d became the proud owner of an abscess.

Poor soul. His face is quite swollen and sore, and as Neil, one of his work colleagues asked, yes he does look a bit like Quasimodo.

Normally we would have just gone to the dentist but unfortunately John doesn’t have one. It closed 20 years ago and he hadn’t bother to find himself another one...

He’s feeling a pretty rough at the moment what with swelling, the pain and a hole in his mouth – they had to remove the tooth.

We called off at Sainburys on the way home as all he can have to eat for the rest of the day is very soft food. So it’s yogurts, mashed potatoes and baked beans until breakfast tomorrow.

Yummy ! ! !



Anonymous said...

Ouch! Poor John. If it's any consolation, the mush diet is quite good for losing weight (so they tell me, I haven't!)

Paul said...

You know we won't believe it without a photo...