Friday, January 05, 2007

Paid up

I’m very pleased to report that this morning B&Q reimbursed me for the joinery bill.

Rather than send them the bill as per their instructions, I handed it into them personally. There was no way it was getting ‘lost in the post’, ‘lost in their internal post’ or for the Manager to simply bin it as he didn’t understand what the saga was about.

To make doubly certain I rang the person who I had been dealing with and told her I was on my way to hand it over.

There were no questions, no sharp intake of breath, or quibbles with the bill and ten minutes later I left the building with a wad of cash.

Lets hope this is now the end of the kitchen saga…

In other news. Spent the afternoon giving my mam cookery lessons. She was getting low on some of the meals I make her, and rather than me do them for her, I said I’d teach her how to make them.

We made two lasagne’s, three lots of chilli’s and two cottage pies. I had hoped it would from now on spur her into making them herself but sadly it hasn’t. At least she’s willing to make on a Friday again so I can’t complain about that.


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