Wednesday, April 08, 2009

In my younger days

When we were at Blackpool, the conversation somehow got round to clothing, and I confessed to once wearing a pair of blue pixie boots, blue legwarmers, blue culottes and a blue checked frilly shirt.

In my defense I was young at the time and it was in the early Eighties when these things were in fashion.

What’s worse a photo was taken of me wearing them ! ! ! Gottle asked that it be put on our blog. What a shame I don’t have the photo any more….

I later mentioned that I used to have long hair. I’ve had short hair for over fourteen years and none of our friends can either remember me with long hair or have only seen me with it short.

So I’ve dug out some photos of me in my ‘hippy days’.



Anonymous said...

*makes mental note to turn the BOGOF household upside down on next visit to find that photo*

Jenny :o)

Marie and John said...

There will be a prize for the person who finds it...

Jennysmith said...

Great photos, Marie! So, mid-eighties , is that right? One of them , you look a bit like karen carpenter xxx