Saturday, April 04, 2009

Only something your mother would say III

Yesterday while at my mams I was looking though her photo albums as I was after a couple of photos of me for a forthcoming blog.

There was one photo in the album taken on my birthday (I think it was either my 12th or 13th).

She looked at the photo then said ‘who’d have thought that you would have grown up to be a fat as you are now’….



Clive said...

Not very nice - and as you say, only something a mother would say, or in my case - a mother-in-law!!

Let these comments pour over you and totally forget them - that's what I do!

little man's mum

Jennysmith said...

These mothers - eh? They literally get away with murder!

Thats funny, my Daughter's going to be 13 very soon. Hope I don't come out with a thing like that!