Monday, April 27, 2009

which Redman and

I decided to buy myself another laptop. My daughter one if the bit temperamental. The slightest movement can cottage to crash. Not a idea if I'm typing with it on my lap…

Given that it looks like an gone to the Indy sports are several weeks later this year, in reliable laptop will be really useful, especially if I not able to sit at my PC.

One of the features of my new laptop the speech recognition. Instead of typing away or using your mouse, you can dictate anything to the laptop and it will type it, all been an application, or simply using your boys.

In theory this would mean no more typing away at the keyboard when I'm working on my novel brackets nadir start a number two close brackets.

I dictator this log using the boys in recognition, and as you can see it still has some way to go by or in complete understands might not be so accent…

It'll really weird goal talking allowed to the computer and sing the words appear on the screen.

I'm offering a prize of a tube of Smarties to the first person who can submit a comment containing a corrected version of the above...



Jennysmith said...

Marie, i will come clean with you - i am way out of my depth with that sort thing.

Gosh, it sounds almost space age. How sophisticated is that! Wouldn't it be funny if we spoke our blogs and everything. Well, it sounds like you can.

hope your knee is okay. how are the worry dolls? xxx

Marie and John said...

It really was weird speaking out loud and the computer typing out the words.

In one of my earlier attempts at getting it to recognise my voice, I got a little bit annoyed at it and swore - it typed that word ok though ! ! !

Sadly no change in the knee.

The worry dolls have settled into their new home.

I haven't inundated them with too much work in case they start demanding things like your dolls...

How's your hand?


Jennysmith said...

The swelling has gone down thanks. This woman must have been right, she asked if i'd carried something heavy recently. Do you know i swear those bags for life cut into your hands much more than the ordinary carrier bags. Never did like them!

Bought a little jewellery box at an antique fair yesterday (50p) to re-house the Worry Dolls. They are already complaining and want the place decorated and demanding a plasma TV - and a computer like yours!

Sorry to hear knee is still hurting xxxx

Andy Swain said...

A pity Stanley Unwin's still not around to decipher your blog.

Deep joy!