Monday, February 12, 2007

Have you ever…

Heard anything so ridiculous.

Our new bed came on Saturday so the old bed along with some other rubbish, was put in the garage ready for the council to come and dispose of it.

I rang them this morning, told them what we wanted rid of and that yes the items didn’t come to more than eight (we’re not allowed more than that…).

I was informed that items will only be disposed of if they are outside by 7.30am. I explained about the mess the scavengers make to which the snotty little man replied ‘that’s the chance you take leaving things outside’. Bad move ! ! !

I asked if they could ring the doorbell and I’ll open the garage door like I’ve done in the past. I was told in no uncertain terms that they are not allowed to set foot on a persons property (they will not even collect things from a drive way. It must be on the pavement outside your gate).

If I wanted the items removing from the garage then they would have to send a manager out to do a property and risk assessment first. Once he is happy, I then have to sign a disclaimer before they will come and take the stuff away.

They can come on Thursday but I would have to drag the stuff out of the garage myself. I explained that I was unable to do so was told to ask a neighbour to help…

Being the customer from hell I don’t give up that easily so they are coming on Thursday, with instructions to ring the bell, and we’ll see what happens. If they don’t then a letter will be sent to the council as this is bureaucracy gone mad.


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