Tuesday, February 06, 2007

A round up of the news

We’ve been busy, busy, busy – hence no blog since Wednesday.

Went shopping at the Metro Centre with my mam. It wasn’t really a planned visit, she was avoiding her sister-in-law. Long story which I won’t bore you – I’m already fed up with it ! ! !

As we weren’t looking for anything special we just wandered the malls, particularly the places we never usual go. I found a lovely shoe shop that had loads of wonderful baseball boots and shoes.

I thought I’d died and gone to heaven as they did them all in size 3. It was so hard choosing but I found two that I really, really wanted. However instead of being Cinderella, I was one of the ugly sisters as my foot wouldn’t fit in them. It’s back to being swollen again so I left empty handed or should that be footed. However as Arnie would say ‘I’ll be back’ ! ! !

Just opposite the shoe shop is a jewellers – the place where I got my engagement ring and wedding ring to be exact. I’d been wanting a silver Celtic cross necklace for a while but couldn’t find one I like, so thought I’d just have a look on the off chance they had one.

They didn’t have one on display but the little woman said they might have something in their catalogues. They did and it was perfect so off she went to find out the price. I was expecting the Easter Bunny to have to pay for it but it was only £12, and that even included the cost of the chain.

Gillian, my hairdresser came on Thursday and dropped a bomb shell. She’s pregnant again and she’ll be out of action from August for four months. I hate anyone else cutting my hair so it looks like I may becoming a female vicar again.

Friday and Saturday were spent down in Northampton sorting things out for the conference.

Sunday and Monday were spent in Sunderland also sorting things out for the conference. Yes, you can tell it’s getting close…

Here ends the round up of the news.


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