Saturday, June 16, 2007

Yet another round up of the news

Monday: Spent the morning trying to get the tensions right on my overlocker following John mending it yet again the day before. I’m pleased to report that the air wasn’t blue and I didn’t threaten to throw it out of the window like I normally do when it decides to become temperamental.

You may remember that last August we re-decorate the hall and stairs. To cut a long story short B&Q’s own brand paint doesn’t really like sticking to Crown paint.

As we’re getting a new hall and stair carpet we knew something needed to be done as the paint just wouldn’t stand up to the carpet fitters. We tried putting a coat or two of varnish over it to strengthen it, but it made no difference so it was off to B&Q for advice. They suggested removing their paint, sanding the Crown paint down, put a coat of matt emulsion over the top of it, then reapply their paint.

I know the simplest and easiest option would have been to remove the B&Q paint then use Crown again. However as Crown don’t do the colour we want, unfortunately we have no alternative.

Tuesday: Spent the morning and afternoon removing the B&Q paint and the evening soaking the aching bones…

Wednesday: Spent the morning sanding the paintwork and the afternoon washing every surface known the man as the dust went everywhere ! ! ! It took three goes in the shower to clean my face and four to wash my hair – I was that fifthly…

Thursday: Got a phone call at 7.20am – yes I did say 7.20am – from Comet to say the little delivery man was on his way with the tumbler drier. Really pleased the tumbler arrived early as the old bones were suffering and in desperate need of a hot bath. I was so knackered after my bath that I fell asleep on the bed for a couple of hours ! ! !

Yesterday: Was busy getting ready to go to my mams when John’s car pulled up outside our house. They had sent him home from work as he wasn’t very well. Got him settled into bed then went to my mams.

Today: I’m pleased to report that John’s feeling much better.


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I shall stop complaining about my kitchen forthwith!