Sunday, June 03, 2007

Famine & Feast

That’s how things have been in the BOGOF household lately – Dull & boring then busy busy busy.

Where were we last time, Oh yes, getting the house painted. No problems there and after a brief tidy up everything looks fine. Had a nice lazy bank holiday where we probably ate too much. The rest of the week was a bit of a blur really.

Marie got down to sorting out all the paperwork before handing the HBA executive administrator and membership managers jobs back. Now “all” she has is conference bookings.

And speaking of conferences we had to go a conference and awards (aka events) team meeting on Saturday. Up at five and on the road just after six to be in Leicester before half past ten. Thankfully the roads were quiet. Met up with June, Paul and Phil and sorted out next years National Hospital Radio Awards (or whatever they might be called) then just time for a quick drink before dinner, then another before bed (It was along day, four hours on the road and a seven hour meeting).

Back home today and it was sorely tempting to knock on Chris & Jenny's door and say “we were just passing” but sadly junction 25 on the M1 was closed. Maybe next time, though by the sound of Jenny’s blog we might have ended up being put to work with a paint brush.

I started off intending to say that blog entry number 200 was coming up and we would have something special, but then I thought, “Bugger – this one is 200”. Oh well. Maybe for 300.


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Anonymous said...

Hmmmm, lucky escape!