Sunday, June 17, 2007

A narrow escape

As John was feeling much better yesterday we decided to plod on with step three of the repainting – the matt emulsion stage. It went on really well and after having a short pit stop to watch the start of Le-Mans, we’d finished by four o’clock.

We were just finishing off washing the dinner dishes when John asked if I’d bought the lottery tickets online as we hadn’t had a chance to get to the post office this morning. I’d forgotten ! ! !

It was now 7.20pm and the draw closed as 7.30pm. I dashed upstairs, switched on my computer, wait until it was happy before I logged onto the internet (at times it can be temperamental), prayed that I could remember my lottery password. I then had to add more funds to my account and finally buy not only our ticket but my mams. I did it with four minutes to spare.

When I checked my emails tonight there was a mail from the National Lottery asking me to view my account. I’d won £10 ! ! ! !


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Anonymous said...

Don't let it change you!! We haven't checked our numbers yet...