Saturday, February 28, 2009

Birthday present

For my fortieth birthday my lovely friends bought me a gift experience. There were so many things to choose from, however I decided on a day cookery course at Swinton Park in Masham, North Yorkshire.

Because of my knee I decided to wait until the New Year to book the course, as I expected my knee problem to be something simple as a damaged cartilage which could be fixed pretty easily.

However as you know things didn’t quite go to plan with my knee. The course entails standing which is something my knee can’t handle at the moment and whilst I could dose myself up with loads of painkillers, it’s not really practical given the side effects of the tablets.

I then thought about going on a wine tasting experience also at Swinton Park. However that has a lot of standing as well, plus because of my tablets I’m not supposed to drink that much. A glass or two of wine is fine but definitely not the quantity involved in wine tasting and I’m a drinker, not a spitter…

I had a look through the companies website and there were non-standing experiences that caught my eye. However as the best time for me to partake in them would be the summer, that’s out of the question again because of my knee. I could either be in hospital or stuck at home recuperating from my operation.

Yesterday I took delivery of this.

As you can see it’s huge. John very kindly offered to help me drink the wine seeing as I can’t have that much. Isn’t he so thoughtful…

I hope my friends aren’t too disappointed in what I’ve chosen. I would have dearly loved to have gone on the cookery course but sadly it isn’t wasn’t meant to be at the moment.

I have made a promise to myself that once I’m fit and well I will go on the course so I’ll then dedicate it to my friends.



Jennysmith said...

Oh Marie, Happy Birthday to you! I wish i'd known. I hope you enjoyed your day despite your knee. And please please have some of that wine.

What exquisite hampers! Who sent you those? (nosey aren't I). Will drink a toast to you tonight with my wine. and yes, like my own John, he will certainly help you drink it.

Would love to do a cookery course too.


Henry the Dog said...

Sorry we weren't on earlier to wish you a happy birthday. Mum's been lusting after rugby players all weekend. She's envious of that hamper, she says she could help you with the wine too.

We had great fun going back through your blog and reading about your mum. You could write a book, literally. She's hilarious. She reminds mum of Uncle Hugh's mum, but your mum must be much younger. We couldn't find "Be afraid" Nov 06 or "But I thought I told you" Dec 07.

The fact that she can smell carbon monoxide made mum laugh her pants off and the 'black but not too black' comment was hilarious. Mum misses her mum awfully. You are very lucky to still have yours.


Marie and John said...

Jennysmith - slight misunderstanding. My birthday was in September. We sampled one of the bottles of wine and it was very nice. Hope yours was too xx

Henry - tell your mum we watched some of the rugby as well. Sadly the players don't do anything for me. They're a bit too beefy for me.

Glad you enjoyed my motherisms. She is quite a character... I must have been suffering from a case of the motherisms as 'But I thought I told you' was Dec 06 and as for 'Be afraid' I can't find that one ! !!

Give your mum a big cuddle from me as I'm so sorry to learn about her mum. I lost my dad nearly five years ago and I miss him every day.

Anonymous said...

Glad you're enjoying the hamper - it looks good from the photo, shame we don't live closer!!!!!!!!