Sunday, February 22, 2009

Only something your mother would say II

On Friday my mam and I went to Dainty Supplies (local haberdashery and fabric store) to find a pattern and some fabric for my Blackpool conference gala dinner dress.

I’d already made a short list of 10 having looked at the various patterns online so it was just a matter of choosing which one I liked the best.

As you know my mam is quite opinionated so she told me exactly what she thought of each pattern:

‘it’s too slutty’
‘you’re too short’
‘you’re too big busted’
‘you’ve got fat arms’
‘it’ll make you look old’
‘it’s a school prom dress and it was a long time since you were at school…’
‘you need to lose at least two stone in weight’
‘you’ve got fat knees’
and the best one ‘it’ll make look like a pregnant duck’ ! ! !



Anonymous said...

Ah, Mothers. Doncha just love 'em?! ;o)


Jennysmith said...

I tell you, these mothers have the privillege to say these things!

Tell what you chose, marie, what colour and everything xxxx

Henry the Dog said...

So you did find me through Jennysmith. Mum and me love her. We like your blog too. Mum's still doubled up laughing at your description of your 'eye-wateringly smelly farts'. Mum says she sympathises enormously. She had to live with her own and Uncle Hugh's for six days whilst she had bottom problems. Whereabouts in the UK do you live. We used to live just outside Doncaster - I was wondering 'cause you mentioned having to go there for a conference. Poor you is all I can say:):):)

Marie and John said...

Jenny - mothers never cease to amaze us do they... Makes me wonder if I would be like that if I had any children. Doesn't bear thinking about ! ! ! xx

Jennysmith - you're right. No one else would be allowed to get away with saying the things they do. I do usually end up picking what I want, but then I never hear the last of it... xx

Henry - welcome to our blog. Yes I did find you via my good friend Jennysmith. I love her blog too. She's so funny.
Oh dear, a double dose of smelly farts. Not very pleasant is it...
We live in Sunderland. We hardly saw anything of Doncaster as we stayed right next to the football stadium.
My great aunt used to live in Thorne in Doncaster. The last time I visited 'Donny' was in 1979 when I stayed with my great aunt.
It would be lovely to see you back again. xx

Henry the Dog said...

Gosh, small world - know Thorne well. Mum used to go there to do her banking sometimes when she had offices in a little airfield not far from there. There was a little car-park where she'd leave me in the car for a few minutes. It really went downhill in the '80s - she used to be worried that I'd be dogknapped. I will be back, I'm following you now so I'll keep up to date with your blog.