Thursday, February 05, 2009


We haven't got any.

Not a bit.

OK, it's plenty cold but the ground is bare and dry. No chance of a day off work round here.

And before I close, here's something I meant to post last Thursday. If the date means anything to you, so will the cartoon.



Jennysmith said...

Er = the annivesary of the moon landings? No, hang on , that was in the summertime wasn't it?

Will ask Husband, he's good at those things.

No day off for us either. Just wet and raining. But a bit relieved kids aren't off school again.

love to Marie xxxx

Tim Atkinson said...

Still no snow?

Marie and John said...

Hello Dotterel: We had a very light dusting over the weekend but it didn't come to much. Just looked like a heavy frost.

Hello Jenny: You're on the right tracks with it being an anniversary.

The cluster of three is for the Apollo 1 astronauts who died in fire and the other two are for the loss of the space shuttles.

Sadly no change with my knee. Keep taking the tablets so to speak.

How's your toe...