Thursday, February 26, 2009

Fabric to go

I’ve made a start on my dress for Blackpool conference gala dinner. The toile* is finished and ready to be scrutinised by my mam tomorrow.

Even though my mam keeps reminding me over and over again how she hates dressmaking and doesn’t want anything more to do with it, I’ve still got to take it to her for inspection.

Once she has given her approval (more like – you’ll have to let it out a bit more as it shows up your spare tyres….) I can then cut the dress out in the proper fabric. Or should I say my mam cuts the dress out and I become the scissors passers mate…

She’ll graciously allow me to sew the dress at home however I must bring it back to her for the final inspection.

I did once buy a dress pattern and some fabric without her being there and she still hasn’t forgiven me ! ! !


* test garment


Henry the Dog said...

My mum is SOOOO impressed that you make your own stuff. It's something she's always wanted to be able to do but i) she has NO patience and ii) she has no patience!! Your mum sounds like a right character - don't you just love em? Where is she from?

Jennysmith said...

Oh Marie, your sewing skills and talent have obviously been passed down from your mum. Its sad these days that that doesn't often happen. For instance, my Dad passed down his knowledge of DIY to my brother but Husband would never dream of attempting anything and hires someone and now Son won't get a look in in that department.

Thats why i try to show Son and Daughter how to cook and sew. But i can't really sew, thats the joke.

Bit the bullet, Marie, and bought a skirt pattern (an easy one it said) and some super fabric. But i'm still too scared to attempt it! Help!

How am i gonna set a good example to daughter (and son) if I'm nervous like this??

Hope knee is recovering - and post a photo of your dress xxxx

Marie and John said...

Hello Henry,

My mam a right character - you can say that again ! ! !

If you're interested here's where to find some of the motherism's I've blogged about.

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Marie and John said...

Hello Jennysmith,

You're right, my mam did pass on her love of all things crafty to both me and my sister. She got it not from her mam, but from her aunt who she used to spend a lot of time with.

My dad used to love making things as well and he too got that skill from his dad. John is the same. He got his 'I'll have a go at anything' from his dad. It's a shame about your husband. You never know you son might decide to try things when he gets older.

Even though you claim you're no good at sewing at least you're teaching your children the basics. I worked with a woman who had never held a sewing needle before in her life. If a button came off her clothes she simply threw it away ! ! !

You've been wanting to start dressmaking for ages so good for you in buying a skirt pattern. I'll put my phone number in an email so if you want any help just give me a ring. Once you've get started you'll be fine - trust me.

I'm afraid my knee is still the same. Over did it the other day cutting out the toile for my dress and really paid for it the next day ! ! !

I'm sure Gertie would be delighted to model the finished dress. Hopefully I'll get time later in the year to photo all the things I've made and put them on our website.