Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Deja Vu

When I saw Professor Cobb on the 2nd August for my post-op appointment I was expecting him to say that everything was fine with my hip.

I'd been really good in not bending or stretching so was shocked when, after looking at the x-rays, he said my hip was in fact dislocated and had been for about three weeks.

Normally when a replacement hip dislocates the pain is excruciating. However I never felt a thing, which was why it came as shock. The Prof reassured me that I hadn't done anything wrong it was just one of those awful things.

So I'm back in the King Edward VII Hospital having it put back into place. The op took place yesterday at 7pm (I was first on the Prof's evening list) and he's really confident that it won't pop out again.

I've been up walking, and although I have to wear a leg splint to stop my knee from bending as this could weaken my hip otherwise, I am able to put weight on my leg for the first time in four years.....

The Prof had hoped I'd only be in a couple of nights so I've got everything crossed that I can go home tomorrow afternoon.

Here's hoping.......