Saturday, May 26, 2007

All Blue Now

Yes, the painter has finished, the roof is mended and our red house is now a blue house. For those in the know, the colour is Oxford Blue, and regular readers will be pleased to know that it's Crown Exterior and not the brand with an X in the name.

So beware next time you visit. Look for the red house and you'll miss us.


Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Red to blue

The little builder man - and son - came to do the bits of repairs and painting work today.

The red is now undercoat grey with ‘Oxford Blue’ going on tomorrow.

So there you have it. The sum total of a weeks news.

Gosh we really must get out more….


Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Another couple…

…of relatively quite days.

Saturday: For the first time in goodness knows how many years I actually managed to watch the Eurovision Song Contest live. In the past it’s been recorded as we were either on our way back from the Chimps Tea Party* or down at the Cliff**.
Wasn’t too keen on the winning song, or the act. Extra’s from Prisoner Cell Block H didn’t impress me, and as for the overweight kd Lang look alike… Preferred ‘Timmy Mallet in tin foil’.
Our entry was as ever, spectacularly awful. However there was one which
was even worse – the Irish. We had to put on the ‘singalong’ lyrics to see what language she was actually singing as it certainly didn’t sound like English. It was. For those who didn’t see it, imagine a female Ian Paisley’s voice singing ! ! !

Sunday: Did nothing exciting.

Monday: Sorted out the house insurance renewal and managed to save £100 by switching to Morethan.
Rang the little builder man again to see if he’s found a date in his diary to do the bits of repairs to the outside of the house. Nothing serious just replacing the rotten beading on the ‘/\’ shaped bits at the front and back, and also to give the outside a lick of paint. We’ve decided to go blue this time. The little man is pleased as he doesn’t think red is in keeping with the age and style of the house.

Yesterday: Little builder man rang and he can come sometime next week.

Today: Boots rang to say John’s glasses are ready so have arranged to pick them up on Saturday.

That’s all folks…


*The EC meeting
** Local pub

Friday, May 11, 2007

I can tell you’re not interested

This morning mam asked me if I’d take her to ‘World of Fires’ as she wants to replace her gas fire.

I did feel sorry for the poor assistant as yet again she expected him to be a mind reader. Thankfully however I was able to finish off her sentences so he wasn’t too confused.

Whilst we were there I noticed a lovely slim line electric cast iron stove. Noticing I was drooling over it the assistant gave me the size and the price (sharp intake of breath). Ok it is expensive but it would look so perfect in our living room*.

Excitedly I explained my finding to John.

“It’ll take some major reworking to install it”.
“No, it’s free standing”.
“Yes but where are you going to plug it in”.
“Who said anything about plugging it in. I don’t intend to use if as a fire”.
“So it would just be an expensive ornament”.
“I take it that’s a no then”….


*We removed the hideous old fire so the space is currently being filled by a vase and some wispy things….

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Reporting in

So what’s to report.

Wednesday 2nd: Can’t remember so there mustn’t have been any thing exciting to report…

Thursday 3rd: Rang Boots to arrange two eye test appointments for Tuesday. Did mammoth shopping at Morrisons for the weekend.

Friday 4th: Went to the Childminders and made corned beef pies and tried a new chocolate cake recipe from one of Nigella Lawson’s book. Can’t tell you what it was like at I left it at my mams – it was too hot to transport.

Saturday 5th: Prepared food for the party tonight and lunch tomorrow. Party went really well. Plenty of drink and food…

Sunday 6th: Made Sunday lunch for six people. A sort of Christmas main meal but without the turkey – wrong time of year so couldn’t get one ! ! !
Had a slight panic when I noticed the rings on the AGA weren’t red anymore and the light had gone out on the electric socket. Turns out that it had tripped the breaker. The AGA wasn’t used to having both ovens and all four rings on at the same time.

Bank holiday Monday: Did absolutely nothing…

Yesterday: John’s car in for MOT and service. Got forced off the road at a set of road works by a taxi just because I wouldn’t let him in. Was not amused ! ! ! Got lost trying to find Benfield garage to pick up John, then had to manoeuvre through their tight car park. Was in a fowl mood…
As expected new glasses for John. My eye sight is fine for another two years.
Went to the Chinese on the Sea Front for lunch – and this time it was open.
Pleased to report that John’s car passed it’s MOT.

Today: Did the ironing. Two phantom phone calls. Will take no prisoners when I do eventually get to speak to a human being…


Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Schools out

Myself, Jenny and Paul (he who is not Gottle) all would have been in the same year at school and this got me thinking who else would have been in that year.

So here are just some of the ‘blog class of 1985’.

Will Smith
Julia Sawalha
Guy Ritchie
Mika Hakkinen
Matt and Luke Goss
Christy Turlington
Michael Schumacher
R Kelly
David Boreanaz
Jennifer Anniston
Alexander McQueen
Cerys Matthews
Renee Zellweger
Mica Paris
Brian Lara
Cate Blancett
Dennis Bergkamp
Steffi Graf
Tanita Tikaram
Christian Slater
Matthew Perry
Lucy Lui
Brendan Fraser
Stephen Hendry
Anne Heche
Jason Priestly

Interesting line up…