Friday, May 11, 2007

I can tell you’re not interested

This morning mam asked me if I’d take her to ‘World of Fires’ as she wants to replace her gas fire.

I did feel sorry for the poor assistant as yet again she expected him to be a mind reader. Thankfully however I was able to finish off her sentences so he wasn’t too confused.

Whilst we were there I noticed a lovely slim line electric cast iron stove. Noticing I was drooling over it the assistant gave me the size and the price (sharp intake of breath). Ok it is expensive but it would look so perfect in our living room*.

Excitedly I explained my finding to John.

“It’ll take some major reworking to install it”.
“No, it’s free standing”.
“Yes but where are you going to plug it in”.
“Who said anything about plugging it in. I don’t intend to use if as a fire”.
“So it would just be an expensive ornament”.
“I take it that’s a no then”….


*We removed the hideous old fire so the space is currently being filled by a vase and some wispy things….

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