Monday, September 30, 2013

Long time no hear

Sorry there hasn't been any blogs for a while but there hasn't really been anything to report.

As I mentioned in the previous post I was hoping to be discharged from hospital the following day. Everything was going great for me to leave then three hours before we were due to catch our train my wound started to bleed quite heavily. Agnes, my nurse, called Professor Cobb who came immediately. It was now 50/50 whether I would be able to go home that day.

The Prof asked what time our train was. 1.30pm, but as we required assistance getting on the train, we had to be at Kings Cross twenty five minutes before hand.

He had to dash into theatre so instructed Agnes to put a pressure dressing on my hip. He would then come back to see me around the time we would be due to leave to say either yes or no.

True to his word, still in full theatre scrubs, he came back at 12.45pm and checked the wound again. He would discharge me on one condition. I had to let my body heal slowly so had to promise to take it extremely easy at all times. His departing words were he did not want to see me on the ward again.....

We saw the Prof on Thursday as it had been six weeks since my last op. This time around it was a real hard slog as I'd been banned from doing pretty much everything. I was allowed to put some weight on my hip but I had to wear a full leg splint to stop my knee from bending so walking was extremely difficult. Bending and stretching were severely restricted this time too.

Still, he gave me some good news. My hard work has paid off and my hip is fine. Whilst I'm desperate to get out and learn how to walk again I’ve got to take it really easy and use Wizzy more than stickies as he doesn’t want my shoulders and arms overdoing things - he doesn’t know that I do boxing so they’re a lot stronger than they look....  However if I behave myself then I should see a big improvement in my walking by the summer. 

There was though one bit of bad news. I'm still not allowed to climb stairs. Whilst there's no chance of the hip popping out the Prof is concerned the muscles aren't strong enough to support my hip so wants me to slowly build them up. 

I go back and see him in January so I'm hoping he'll say yes then.