Sunday, August 27, 2006

Stratford here we come

Sadly there may not be any bloggs for a few days as we’re off to Stratford tomorrow morning. The local library does allow non-residents the use of the internet but only 15 minutes per day. Will do our best though.

In other news, the painting is coming along nicely. Most of the glossing is done and what’s left won’t take more than half an hour to finish off.

Tested the new colour on the walls and it looks good. It covered the yellow really well that we may get away with only one coat. Here’s hoping ! ! !

So that’s about it for now. Off to start packing…


Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Where has the time gone

Just realised that it’s nearly a week since last blogged. So what’s to report.

Got my Uncle Frank’s cake safely delivered to my mam’s. It’s his birthday party today so hopefully everyone liked my icing efforts….

Did yet more painting – surprise, surprise. I’ve looked at the calendar and I’ve spent all of August painting. Thankfully the gloss painting is nearly finished. Yipee ! ! ! Then it’s the turn of the walls. Boo ! ! !

Had a great time at Jenny’s party at the weekend. Good food, good company – what more can you want…

Checked my nectar points and we have enough for two five pounds off meal vouchers at any Brewers Fare pub. These will come in very handy at the Red Lion in Stratford.

Only six days and counting ! ! !


Wednesday, August 16, 2006


It’s my uncle Frank’s 80th birthday next Tuesday and my mam ‘volunteered’ me to make the cake for his party.

“Nothing fancy”, she said, “a large fruit cake and they wanted it decorated as well”.

My decorating skills are appalling. I have trouble rolling out marzipan so John always gets that task. Making royal icing is very much a ‘hit or miss’ affair. Sometimes it’s filling removal hard or so soft it spreads like butter.

I did suggest they might like a plain cake but no, it had to be decorated. I did get my own way with the icing. Instead of badly done royal icing snow peaks they have settled for sugar paste.

The marzipaning, although having been patched in several places, went ok. Sadly the same can’t be said for the sugar paste.

I’ve never used the stuff before so had no idea what size cake the packet will cover. I assumed, like marzipan, it would cover an eight inch cake.

Er no… At 7.30pm this evening we were hot footing it to Morrisons before they closed at 8pm to buy another packet as the cake has to be delivered tomorrow morning.

So after re-rolling it, I managed, well sort of anyway, to get the cake covered. As long as you look at it from above it looks ok….

Cake decorating is one hobby I will not be taking up ! ! !


Saturday, August 12, 2006

Day at work = day off

John had to go into work today so I had a day off from painting. Yipeee ! ! ! !

The great hall painting project is going to plan. All the skirting boards, doors, door frames and staircase are painted.

I’m not going to tell you what colour it is, but when we have our party in November please remember – it’s not white. We don’t ‘do’ white….

Sorry for not blogging for a while but day time is spent painting and evenings are spent in the bath ! ! !

Tomorrow John’s up the ladder to attack the coving. It’s red at the moment so it’ll take a few coats to lighten it up a bit. I’ll be varnishing the handrail and other jobs a bit closer to the ground. I don’t ‘do’ ladders…


Monday, August 07, 2006

The kitchen and other projects

I’m pleased to report that the kitchen is practically finished. All there is to do is clean and re-grout the tiles and paint a couple of end wall cabinet pieces.

The long overdue tidy up of the garage began on Sunday.

Another project for later this year is my workroom. It’s bursting at the seams due to my ever growing craft work and also hospital radio stuff. So we’ve decided to put in more shelving and another work unit.

Regular visitors to our blog will note that we hate painting. I can’t for the life of me understand why anyone would want to be a painter and decorator…

However, like ironing (which I also hate…), it must be done so that’s what I’ve been doing today. It was the turn of the spindles and the handrail to be undercoated and like last Monday I ache all over. I put some Deep Heat rub on my back this afternoon. It eased it a little but made the house stink.

The first thing John noticed when he came home from work wasn’t the smell of the paint but the pong of the Deep Heat ! ! !


Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Aches and pains

It’s my own fault. I push myself too far so I’ve got aching muscles and my pains are bad from having spent Monday and today painting.

I had yesterday off as I had a dentist and hospital appointments. Never got to the dentist though as my electric garage door is playing up so wouldn’t open. It does have a manual override but I’m not tall enough to put the string…

I rang the dentist to say I couldn’t make it but was too embarrassed to say I couldn’t get my garage door open so said I had a flat battery.

Thankfully the garage door did decide to open a couple of hours later so I was able to attend my hospital appointment. Lesley, my specialist nurse, noticed that my knee was swollen (from painting) so I got wrong for doing too much… Will I take any notice – no ! ! !

Got a day off from painting tomorrow as I’m going to be busy finishing off making two blouses for my mam.

However it’ll be back to work decorating this weekend. Oh goodie…


PS John says that last month we had 235 hits on our blog. However he thinks most of them were him trying to get our holiday gallery working…