Thursday, June 28, 2007

So what’s been happening…

… in the Bogof household these past few days.

Monday: Decided to finish off making the summer top I started last year. Judging by the weather I don’t think they’ll get much of an outing, however they will always come in handy for our cruise next year.

Wimbledon started today and as usual it rained.

Oh and we bought a new sofa and armchair….

Tuesday: Did some more sewing in-between watching the tennis and trying to ‘Jan spot’ on court 1.

Rang Carpet Right as their ‘10 – 14 day delivery’ had come and gone with no word from them. They were just about to ring me as it came in yesterday. A likely story ! ! ! So the little carpet fitting men are coming next Friday.

Yesterday: Again did some more sewing in-between watching the tennis. Heard all about Jan’s day out at Wimbledon. I’m not jealous, I’m not jealous, I’M NOT JEALOUS ! ! !

Today: Two tops completed, only another four to go…

Watched Henman’s match. Well not quite true as I fell asleep during the fourth set. I do have a good excuse as I didn’t sleep very well last night as my pains are bad. Some medicinal wine may be called for tonight, me thinks.

Tomorrow: As usual off to my mams and we’re going granite hunting for her new fire surround. I can hardly wait…

Sunday, June 24, 2007

More Deadly ...

Now that the holiday season is almost upon us and our thoughts turn to sun, sand, sea and surf we at the Bogof Blog thought you ought to be made aware of a hidden danger lurking on those tropical beaches. No, it's not the scary shark fin cruising the ocean waves - it's the killer sandcastles.Yes, research in the New England Journal of Medicine found sandcastles are more deadly than sharks.

16 deaths in the US since 1990 were caused by sandcastles, according to Harvard Medical School's Bradley Maron. Compare that to the measly 12 fatalities from shark attacks. Jaws is looking pitifully like a soft-touch.The main hazard appears to be people lethally falling into holes they had dug - presumably for the moat - which means the sandcastles of America must be on a far more impressive scale than the ones seen on the beaches of Sunderland.

More can be found here :

And on the subject of the seaside, do you recall seeing all those television documentaries that tell you that seagulls nest in hollows and crags on cliff faces. Don’t believe a word of it. This is what you can see (with a big lens) from our bedroom window.

There are three little ones, but we rarely see them all together. And there’s always one parent hanging around to see off any intruders.

The proud parents …

On a more mundane note we've repainted the hall and stairs and everything seems much more stable, so we now await the arrival of the carpet fitters.


Sunday, June 17, 2007

A narrow escape

As John was feeling much better yesterday we decided to plod on with step three of the repainting – the matt emulsion stage. It went on really well and after having a short pit stop to watch the start of Le-Mans, we’d finished by four o’clock.

We were just finishing off washing the dinner dishes when John asked if I’d bought the lottery tickets online as we hadn’t had a chance to get to the post office this morning. I’d forgotten ! ! !

It was now 7.20pm and the draw closed as 7.30pm. I dashed upstairs, switched on my computer, wait until it was happy before I logged onto the internet (at times it can be temperamental), prayed that I could remember my lottery password. I then had to add more funds to my account and finally buy not only our ticket but my mams. I did it with four minutes to spare.

When I checked my emails tonight there was a mail from the National Lottery asking me to view my account. I’d won £10 ! ! ! !


Saturday, June 16, 2007

Yet another round up of the news

Monday: Spent the morning trying to get the tensions right on my overlocker following John mending it yet again the day before. I’m pleased to report that the air wasn’t blue and I didn’t threaten to throw it out of the window like I normally do when it decides to become temperamental.

You may remember that last August we re-decorate the hall and stairs. To cut a long story short B&Q’s own brand paint doesn’t really like sticking to Crown paint.

As we’re getting a new hall and stair carpet we knew something needed to be done as the paint just wouldn’t stand up to the carpet fitters. We tried putting a coat or two of varnish over it to strengthen it, but it made no difference so it was off to B&Q for advice. They suggested removing their paint, sanding the Crown paint down, put a coat of matt emulsion over the top of it, then reapply their paint.

I know the simplest and easiest option would have been to remove the B&Q paint then use Crown again. However as Crown don’t do the colour we want, unfortunately we have no alternative.

Tuesday: Spent the morning and afternoon removing the B&Q paint and the evening soaking the aching bones…

Wednesday: Spent the morning sanding the paintwork and the afternoon washing every surface known the man as the dust went everywhere ! ! ! It took three goes in the shower to clean my face and four to wash my hair – I was that fifthly…

Thursday: Got a phone call at 7.20am – yes I did say 7.20am – from Comet to say the little delivery man was on his way with the tumbler drier. Really pleased the tumbler arrived early as the old bones were suffering and in desperate need of a hot bath. I was so knackered after my bath that I fell asleep on the bed for a couple of hours ! ! !

Yesterday: Was busy getting ready to go to my mams when John’s car pulled up outside our house. They had sent him home from work as he wasn’t very well. Got him settled into bed then went to my mams.

Today: I’m pleased to report that John’s feeling much better.


Sunday, June 10, 2007

Thought I better…

…put fingers to keyboard before Jan complains that we’re boring old farts again by not blogging…

So what’s to report.

Monday: Did five loads of washing and having dried two of those loads, the tumble dryer decided it didn’t want to work anymore, but not before tumbling the third load for 90 minutes in cold air.
So I had three loads of washing to dry. Not easy when you live in a terrace house with only a small yarden* which doesn’t get any wind or sunshine. Thankfully it wasn’t a hot day as I had to resort to putting the heating on and drying the clothes and towels on the radiators.
As the tumbler was over 12 years old and hadn’t been in the best of health for a while, we decided to get a new one.

Tuesday: Bought a new tumbler from Comet and saved £10 and got free delivery (normally it’s £18.95) by ordering via their website and they’ll take away the old one. That wouldn’t have been a problem though as we could have just put it outside for the scavengers…

Wednesday: I was in a cleaning mood so blitzed upstairs and downstairs and whilst cleaning inside the microwave I noticed that some of the enamel (if that’s the right word) was flaking away, leaving bare metal exposed. As metal and microwaves don’t mix, it was off to Comet that evening to buy a new one.

Thursday: Nothing exciting to report.

Friday: Went to the Metro Centre with my mam and as usual she did a couple of ‘motherisms’. One of them was in Marks and Spencers food department when she asked if I wanted any tomatoes**.
The other one is as predicable and much more annoying than been asked if I want any tomatoes. We were in a cafĂ© and having both decided what we wanted, the waitress asked my mam for her order. As always she turned to me and asked ‘what did we want?’.

I got my own back by changing the order.

‘That’s not what we wanted’, replied my mam, changing the order back to what had been originally agreed.
‘If you knew what we wanted in the first place, why did you ask me ! ! !’.

Yesterday: Dropped a load of stuff off at the local charity shop. Mam was having a clearout of old books and jigsaws so asked if we could get rid of them for her.
Then it was off to my mam’s again as she wanted John to have a look at a dripping tap in the kitchen. Five minutes later and the tap was fixed.
Next we went to Carpet Right to order a new hall/stair carpet and buy some off-the-roll carpet for our bedroom.
With me supervising (or more precisely getting in the way…) John managed to get most of the carpet fitted.

Today: The little man from Carpet Right came to measure the hall and stairs for the carpet and John finished fitting the bedroom carpet.

So it’s been quite a busy week for us.


* it’s a small yard with plants in it so we call it a yarden

** for anyone new to the bogof blog, I hate tomatoes and have done for as long as I can remember. My mam knows this yet insists on asking me every time we’re in a fruit and veg department if I would like some.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Famine & Feast

That’s how things have been in the BOGOF household lately – Dull & boring then busy busy busy.

Where were we last time, Oh yes, getting the house painted. No problems there and after a brief tidy up everything looks fine. Had a nice lazy bank holiday where we probably ate too much. The rest of the week was a bit of a blur really.

Marie got down to sorting out all the paperwork before handing the HBA executive administrator and membership managers jobs back. Now “all” she has is conference bookings.

And speaking of conferences we had to go a conference and awards (aka events) team meeting on Saturday. Up at five and on the road just after six to be in Leicester before half past ten. Thankfully the roads were quiet. Met up with June, Paul and Phil and sorted out next years National Hospital Radio Awards (or whatever they might be called) then just time for a quick drink before dinner, then another before bed (It was along day, four hours on the road and a seven hour meeting).

Back home today and it was sorely tempting to knock on Chris & Jenny's door and say “we were just passing” but sadly junction 25 on the M1 was closed. Maybe next time, though by the sound of Jenny’s blog we might have ended up being put to work with a paint brush.

I started off intending to say that blog entry number 200 was coming up and we would have something special, but then I thought, “Bugger – this one is 200”. Oh well. Maybe for 300.