Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Reporting in

Just noticed it’s been ages since the last blog so thought I’d better put something together. Don’t want Jan telling us that we’re boring old farts again….

Monday 21st: nothing exciting to report.

Tuesday 22nd: nothing exciting to report .

Wednesday 23rd: can you see a pattern forming….

Thursday 24th: yippee something exciting to report. John’s birthday ! ! ! Sadly we weren’t able to go to the Chinese for lunch as John couldn’t get the day off work. Still I made him a lovely calorific birthday dinner.

Friday 25th: nothing exciting to report.

Saturday 26th and 27th: the air show. Couldn’t go any where due to the local roads being closed all weekend. Re-potted Bruce, Ernie and Ethel.

Monday 28th: again nothing exciting to report.

Tuesday 29th: Yep, you guessed it…


Sunday, July 20, 2008

We’ve built a monster

This afternoon we built a shed. We ordered it last Sunday from Tesco’s website - they were much cheaper than anywhere else.

The delivery date was between five and ten days which suited us fine as we can’t go anyway next weekend because it’s the air show, so that seemed like an ideal time to build it.

I got a phone call from Tesco’s on Monday to say the shed would be delivered the following day… The little delivery man drove all the way up from Newark just to deliver us the shed.

Rather than wait until next weekend we decided to build it sometime this weekend. The weather was awful yesterday so we put it up this afternoon.

It’s HUGE ! ! !

The shed is six feet by four feet. Our yarden is 10 feet by 10 feet. There isn’t a lot of space left...

Just enough room though for Bruce, Eric, Ernie and Ethel.


Saturday, July 19, 2008

A painless way to give blood

Drop frozen chicken on your foot ! ! !

Late last night I was getting out some chicken out of the freezer for tonight’s stirfry. Somehow the chicken fell out of my hand and hit my bare foot.

I barely felt a thing which is unusual as frozen chicken falling on a foot hurts like hell….

The next thing I knew I had six pools of blood on the kitchen carpet and a rather bloody toe. Boy was it bleeding.

So if you need to give a blood sample, drop frozen chicken on your foot…


Thursday, July 17, 2008


Yesterday afternoon I received a telephone call from BT wanting to speak to John. I explained that he was at work but as I was his wife could I help.

The little man explained rather quickly that BT were offering us free weekend and evening calls. In order to receive this we must remain with BT for 12 months and that every 12 months the contract would be renewed. Should we decide to leave BT then we would be liable for a fine.

He asked if I would say yes to agree to this offer. I refused and asked if he could send something in writing to our home address regarding this offer.

He again asked if I would say yes to agree to this offer. Again I refused and said that I would not agree to anything without having first discussed it with my husband. He then became disinterested and quickly ended the call.

I think it is holey unacceptable for BT to cold call a customer and pressurise them into agreeing to something which they know nothing about. Other than being offered free weekend and evening calls I was not told anything else about the service they were offering. What were the Terms and Conditions of this offer? What was the cost of the fine should we decided to leave BT? How would we be told when the 12 months contract was up?

I also find it quite disturbing that BT are allowed to make changes to a customers account without the knowledge of the account holder. John is the account holder and therefore I should not have been asked to agree to any changes to the account.

As you an imaging I am not intimidated by cold callers, however I found the little man’s manner quite abrupt and somewhat bulling.

A complaint has been made to BT…


Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Flown the nest

The family of Seagulls which made their home on one of the chimney pots have gone to pastures new.

One of the young birds had already began flying around for a couple of day. It then decided that the nest was too small so took to living on the next chimney pot, with mum/dad keeping it company.

Look forward to seeing them back next year.


Saturday, July 12, 2008

At last something to report

I’m afraid things have been very quiet in the BOGOF household which is why there hasn’t been any blogs.

However we do have something to report. We spent this afternoon in the yarden* preparing the way for a shed to be erected in the next couple of weeks.

As the need for a shed is greater than need of plants some of them had to go. So we decided to get rid of the four large holy bushes, the large tub which sat in-between them and the tubs that were outside the kitchen and dinning room window.

We’ve kept Bruce (the Christmas tree), Eric and Ernie (the hosa - not sure if that’s the right spelling) and the newly named Ethel (not sure what plant she is as it was a gift…).

To give Bruce a bit more room we’re going to re-pot him into one of the holy boxes, then re-pot Ernie and Ethel into larger tubs to give them a bit more room as well.

Having never re-potted anything it should be fun…


Wednesday, July 02, 2008

For the chop

Our local post office:

Is the busiest one in the area
Is the only place in the area where you can claim lottery winnings up to £5000
Is the only one where you can park your car outside

So the government have decided it has to close. Why, because there are five post offices in the area and ours is in the middle. It’s as simple as that.

I use that post office quite a bit for banking and for hospital radio business so the closure will affect me.

CAPOC (Communities Against Post Office Closures) action group suggest everyone campaigns to force the government to re-think the closures. I know our local post office are planning one.

The question is will it do any good. The government (or rather Brussels as that’s where it’s come from) have made up it’s mind and there’s no way it’s going to put up it’s hands and say ‘sorry folks we got it wrong’.