Sunday, February 25, 2007

Another round up of the news

Sorry folks for the lack of blogs. Google asked us to update our blog and up until Friday night we couldn’t log in…

So what news is there to report.

As expected my man didn’t buy a new television and yes she did have a good moan about them to the poor assistants.

Bought a pattern and some fabric for my gala dinner dress. As always I made a toile* but I’m not happy with style of the dress. It really emphasises my bust (and I don’t need any extra help in that department ! ! !) and it just doesn’t look right. It’s a shame as I really liked the pattern. However I have plenty of patterns from previous gala dinner dresses so all is not lost.

The diet is going pretty well with only a couple of little slip up, mainly on the alcohol side – hey we’re trying our best you know ! ! ! I’ve set myself little target treats so only six more pounds to lose and I will be rewarded with my first treat – the remainder of my Angel DVD’s.

I’ve decided as my bones and joints are telling me I’m no longer 21, I better start taking care of them (and that includes not falling down the stairs again…). So I’ve ordered some supplements to give them a bit of a boost. I’m not normally a good pill taker (I even keep forgetting to take my IBS tablets) but if they do me some good and keep me from having more surgery, which I definitely don’t want, then I’m prepared to give it a go.

I’m pleased to report following my little escapade on Friday, my bum is still a bit sore and I’m a little stiff but I’m not as bad as it was. However it set my pains off which isn’t so good…

Some medicinal wine and cheese (good for the bones as it contains calcium…) for me tonight.


* A toile is a dressmaking term for test garment.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Thump, thump, thump

That’s the sound I made this morning – falling down the stairs….

I wouldn’t care but I’ve done it before. Funnily enough it hurt last time too.

I am now the proud owner of a skinned shin and a bruised bum ! ! !

John was most surprised when I rang him at work this morning. He dashed home to investigate and thankfully I didn’t have to go to the hospital. Regular readers will know what happened the last time I went to A & E.

After some running repairs John went back to work and I went to my mams – be it a little later than planned. As a punishment for being late she dragged me round Sainsbury’s…

Now I really need some medicinal wine ! ! !


Friday, February 16, 2007

Going, going, gone

I tried putting this blog up yesterday but Blogger was extremely slow so pretend it’s Thursday evening…

I’m pleased to report that the bin men came this morning and they were quite happy to come onto our premises to take the rubbish away. So to the snotty little man at Sunderland Council – nah, nah, nah, nah ! ! !

Had a phone call from my mam asking if I could take her to a couple of electrical stores tomorrow as her television has died on her. To anyone else this should be rather simple but you’re talking my mam here.

She can’t stand the style of the new television so she’s going to hate everyone that is shown to her and no doubt bend the ear of the poor assistance.

She’s not intending to buy one tomorrow. Oh no. She’s only going to look. Why, because she wants a television stand first. Don’t ask ! ! !


Monday, February 12, 2007

Have you ever…

Heard anything so ridiculous.

Our new bed came on Saturday so the old bed along with some other rubbish, was put in the garage ready for the council to come and dispose of it.

I rang them this morning, told them what we wanted rid of and that yes the items didn’t come to more than eight (we’re not allowed more than that…).

I was informed that items will only be disposed of if they are outside by 7.30am. I explained about the mess the scavengers make to which the snotty little man replied ‘that’s the chance you take leaving things outside’. Bad move ! ! !

I asked if they could ring the doorbell and I’ll open the garage door like I’ve done in the past. I was told in no uncertain terms that they are not allowed to set foot on a persons property (they will not even collect things from a drive way. It must be on the pavement outside your gate).

If I wanted the items removing from the garage then they would have to send a manager out to do a property and risk assessment first. Once he is happy, I then have to sign a disclaimer before they will come and take the stuff away.

They can come on Thursday but I would have to drag the stuff out of the garage myself. I explained that I was unable to do so was told to ask a neighbour to help…

Being the customer from hell I don’t give up that easily so they are coming on Thursday, with instructions to ring the bell, and we’ll see what happens. If they don’t then a letter will be sent to the council as this is bureaucracy gone mad.


Tuesday, February 06, 2007

A round up of the news

We’ve been busy, busy, busy – hence no blog since Wednesday.

Went shopping at the Metro Centre with my mam. It wasn’t really a planned visit, she was avoiding her sister-in-law. Long story which I won’t bore you – I’m already fed up with it ! ! !

As we weren’t looking for anything special we just wandered the malls, particularly the places we never usual go. I found a lovely shoe shop that had loads of wonderful baseball boots and shoes.

I thought I’d died and gone to heaven as they did them all in size 3. It was so hard choosing but I found two that I really, really wanted. However instead of being Cinderella, I was one of the ugly sisters as my foot wouldn’t fit in them. It’s back to being swollen again so I left empty handed or should that be footed. However as Arnie would say ‘I’ll be back’ ! ! !

Just opposite the shoe shop is a jewellers – the place where I got my engagement ring and wedding ring to be exact. I’d been wanting a silver Celtic cross necklace for a while but couldn’t find one I like, so thought I’d just have a look on the off chance they had one.

They didn’t have one on display but the little woman said they might have something in their catalogues. They did and it was perfect so off she went to find out the price. I was expecting the Easter Bunny to have to pay for it but it was only £12, and that even included the cost of the chain.

Gillian, my hairdresser came on Thursday and dropped a bomb shell. She’s pregnant again and she’ll be out of action from August for four months. I hate anyone else cutting my hair so it looks like I may becoming a female vicar again.

Friday and Saturday were spent down in Northampton sorting things out for the conference.

Sunday and Monday were spent in Sunderland also sorting things out for the conference. Yes, you can tell it’s getting close…

Here ends the round up of the news.