Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Another couple…

…of relatively quite days.

Saturday: For the first time in goodness knows how many years I actually managed to watch the Eurovision Song Contest live. In the past it’s been recorded as we were either on our way back from the Chimps Tea Party* or down at the Cliff**.
Wasn’t too keen on the winning song, or the act. Extra’s from Prisoner Cell Block H didn’t impress me, and as for the overweight kd Lang look alike… Preferred ‘Timmy Mallet in tin foil’.
Our entry was as ever, spectacularly awful. However there was one which
was even worse – the Irish. We had to put on the ‘singalong’ lyrics to see what language she was actually singing as it certainly didn’t sound like English. It was. For those who didn’t see it, imagine a female Ian Paisley’s voice singing ! ! !

Sunday: Did nothing exciting.

Monday: Sorted out the house insurance renewal and managed to save £100 by switching to Morethan.
Rang the little builder man again to see if he’s found a date in his diary to do the bits of repairs to the outside of the house. Nothing serious just replacing the rotten beading on the ‘/\’ shaped bits at the front and back, and also to give the outside a lick of paint. We’ve decided to go blue this time. The little man is pleased as he doesn’t think red is in keeping with the age and style of the house.

Yesterday: Little builder man rang and he can come sometime next week.

Today: Boots rang to say John’s glasses are ready so have arranged to pick them up on Saturday.

That’s all folks…


*The EC meeting
** Local pub

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