Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Monte Carlo Or Bust !!!

We're blogging a bit later today as there are no needlework classes so Marie has an afternoon off.

We spent this morning walking the Grand Prix circuit.

Wow - what a difference. It's great to see Monte Carlo when the streets aren't lined with stalls selling tat and the bars aren't full of Italians celebrating the purchase of yet another Ferrari badged piece of tat.

It's also interesting to look over the waterfront and not have to look through a grey-blue haze that smells of burnt rubber and Castrol-R. The Castrol reference was especially for those who remember a bygone age of motor racing.

They say that where there's muck there's money so how can somewhere so clean be so wealthy. The place is dripping in ostentatious wealth, but there's no obvious sign of wealth creation.

It's a remarkable place. We spent the morning looking around the city centre and then after a fortifying lunch back on board, we took a trip round the Grand Prix circuit.

Beginning at the start line it was off to Ste Devote and then up the hill. Past the location of Rosies Bar (where in the good old days mechanics used to drink all night) and the Tip-Top bar, then a brief rest at the top of the hill, by the Hotel De Paris. Magnificent. Next was casino square. What can you say about such a place. The history, the architecture.

But no time to waste if we're to get back to the ship in time for afternoon tea. So it’s down to the Mirabeau, round the hairpins and into the tunnel under the Grand Hotel. Out of the tunnel, and a quick left-right flick round the “new” chicane, hard left at tabac and past the swimming pool. Never seen it with water in before.

Now for the final sector, round the back of the pits, the scene of the original pitlane, then round Rascasse, which used to be the town gasworks but is now a fine restaurant, and on to the last corner, and the most difficult on the circuit, the virage Anthony Noghes, with it’s adverse camber before heading back to the start line.

Off for afternoon tea now, then tonight we set sail for Genoa

Marie and John

ps spent yesterday afternoon watching dolphins from our veranda !!!

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