Sunday, September 10, 2006

We're still here

Saturday was Marie's birthday so we went out for lunch to the world's best Chinese restaurant which, as some of you know, in on the sea front.

We were scheduled to have some pretty extreme tides, the highest for 20 years. Now, as you may expect, on either side of an exceptionally high tide you will get an exceptionally low tide. I can honestly say that the last time I saw the tide so far out I was still at school (and you all know how long ago that was).

Add to the mix a very strong on-shore wind and we had a recipe for disaster.

However, I'm please to say that high tide was about half an hour after mid-night, and we lived to tell the tale.


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Anonymous said...

Aaargh! I forgot Marie's birthday! Why doesn't anyone remind me of these things??? (Goes to find someone to blame...)

Glad to read you had a good 'un, sorry for being rubbish, many happy belated returns from us xxx