Monday, December 22, 2008

Eye eye again

While I was in the bathroom this morning I noticed that my left eye looked a little bloodshot. On closer inspection I found out why – my old friends the colds sores had once again made an appearance.

So it was yet another trip to the A&E department of the Eye Infirmary. Even though the A&E is open 24 hours, people must have been putting off from going over the weekend as the place was crammed.

However true to the assessment nurses word I was seen well within the hour as they had at least four consultants dealing with patients.

As this appears to be happening quite regularly I asked the consultant, if instead of going to A&E each time, could I just go to my GP for the usual ointment. Sadly it has to be a trip to the A&E every time just in case the virus spreads further into the eye.

A bit of an annoyance but still it’s better than losing an eye.


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Anonymous said...

Poor Marie. Its soul destroying in Casualty. Take a bundle of magazines and that. Hope eye gets better. have a really lovely christmas. xxxx